New and Upcoming Studies

Presently, there are a number of papers that are being worked on.


The study on Daniel reveals a parallel spiritual siege that has taken place on the church today. It also examines why the church was permitted to go into spiritual captivity into Babylon, and how we have then come to accept a watered down Babylonian Christianity.

Another study paper in the pipeline focuses on the Golden Calf that Ancient Israel made in the Wilderness. We will show how the Church has fallen into the same trap and are today bowing down to their own spiritual golden calves they have made. We will reveal what they are.


We also focus on Joseph's story and reveal how his life is a blueprint for the Christian believer today.

There is also paper in the preliminary stages that looks at the story of the Tower of Babel, and its spiritual meaning for today and how the construction of these towers have continued to this day.   


These are just some of the topics being worked on at the moment.

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